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Hello there! I come in peace :D :D :D

Name: Miro (but don't read it like it's english name, because it's not ;) ), and I'm male :)
Born: 1984., Zagreb, capital of Croatia (at that time (sadly) member of Yugoslavia federation)
Nationality: Croat (is it better to say Croatian or Croat??)
Currently live in Rijeka (NW Adriatic coast), Croatia, but also go home to Zagreb every few weeks.
Education: student, University of Rijeka, School of Medicine (we say Medicinski fakultet, but I don't know is it right to translate it with Faculty of Medicine). This started in 2007.when I was almost 23.

Religion & stuff: Catholic, even after watching those "there-is-no-god" movies. It's surprising how many lies is hidden in such "we-bring-you-the-whole-truth-about-them" propaganda, and they can be revealed very easily - just ask someone who knows for detailed explanation. More people you ask, better results you get. My point: Keep an open mind! ok*
Spare time: Well, who has a spare time? Life's too short! :mrgreen: I don't have much spare time, but it's very simple - I throw my books away, and go for a long walk...down the hill, to the sea, the rest you can imagine ;)

Computer, phpBB...: I'm good with using computer, but this phpBB and stuff... I don't have experience with that. How I got here? We needed a student's internet forum, that is free, and that can hold students materials (pictures, movies, word doc, pdf, ppt...). I searched google, and picked up Forums-free because they had all those important informations in their main page. So when you go to, you can immediately see what they are offering, how much space, see themes... many other providers don't have such easy access to those informations. So I joined, tried out, and now...well, I'm still here, right? ;)

Besides my forum, I also translate into Croatian... Not only those new words, but also correct old words that were translated into Serbian, which is very very similar, but not the same (as some people say it is).

Well, that's it... any questions? no? ok 8-)

Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:03 pm
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